Background Checks

Find the Truth About Prospective Employees and Others

Reliable Background Checks

It takes courage to hire someone to work for you when you know them just by the span of an interview. Your potential employee will have access to important locations, expensive equipment, sensitive information, and perhaps a great deal of money. 

That's why it's important to conduct background checks before you hire them. Contact Sunrise Investigations before you hire anyone to work for you! We offer military and senior citizen discounts.

Our Background Check Services

  • Any type of criminal or federal record
  • Valid driver's license
  • Residence verification
  • Employment history
  • Criminal background checks (not only where the person is currently located, but anywhere they've lived)
  • Nationwide federal background checks (for crimes prosecuted at the federal level)
  • Frequently work with women and senior citizens to investigate new love interests and ensure safety

Learn About Important People in Your Life

If your daughter has a new boyfriend or if someone is taking applications to be a tenant in an apartment you are renting, it is always advisable to know their past to keep your family and friends from harm's way. Contact us for help.
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