Skip Tracing

Find People Who Disappeared From Your Life With Our Skip Tracing Services

Dependable Skip Tracing Professionals

If you haven't been able to stay in touch with your close friends, family or your loved ones and would like to do so, we can help you. Sunrise Investigations is one of the best ways to locate someone you need to find. 

If we can't find the right information about the person, don’t worry. You pay nothing unless we find the right person and information. We offer military and senior citizen discounts.

People You Might Need to Find

  • Former romantic partner
  • A long-lost relative or family member
  • A birth parent who gave you up for adoption
  • Someone wanted for or suspected of a crime
  • A parent or former spouse who owes child support or alimony

Our Investigation Is Discreet and Professional

Sunrise Investigations is your local and national private investigation service. In some situations, we can get results on a national level, so go ahead and give us a call. Your satisfaction is our primary goal, and we will do everything within our power to give you the results you deserve. Contact us today!
Call 727-688-6357 to get a FREE consultation
We offer same-day estimates on most services.
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