Get Debugged Easily

Top-Notch Debugging Services

Prying into one's personal life is punishable by law and all the more a breach of privacy. If you think you are being bugged by unknown individuals at home, office or even in your car, contact Sunrise Investigations and we can help.

We have the latest technology that detects bugging devices. We offer military and senior citizen discounts.


Pricing for your home or office is based on the total square footage. To get a better idea, let us give you an instance, for a 2,000 sq ft home, we charge $600. Please contact us for the pricing of cars, trucks or vans.

This price is only good in the Tampa and St. Petersburg Clearwater area, so call us today to know the prices. This offer does not include mileage to and from your location.
Call 727-688-6357 to get FREE consultation
At Sunrise Investigations, we offer a 3-4 day turnaround on debugging.
National association of investigative specialists
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