License Plate ID

Give Us the License Plate Number and We Will Do the Rest

Professional License Plate ID Checks

The reasons to know the identity of a certain vehicle's owner are numerous. The DMV won't give out that information easily. Fortunately, there are other ways to learn what you need to know. Contact Sunrise Investigations today, and we will find out what you need to know about a vehicle's owner. We offer military and senior citizen discounts.

Have You Seen Any of These Things?

  • A suspicious car driving past your home
  • A suspicious vehicle parked near your place of business
  • A vehicle seems to be following you
  • A vehicle seems to be following someone you know
  • A vehicle drives away quickly when you approach it

Nationwide Services

Though we are located in Florida, we provide nationwide services as well. If you need to find the owner of a vehicle who seems suspicious or dangerous, contact us. We will do everything possible to gather information about the suspicious car and owner.
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